Monday, 3 October 2011

ahad ber-crepe cake

Papa knows both of us are crazy over sushi..i've been commenting on how lovely it would be if we can go one day..and savour as much as we could. *ayat org kebulur* haha
he planned for us to go for Kappa Shushi..but I know he was busy writing and re-correcting his journal, due as soon as possible..  and I said, let stay in today... Papa do the journal-writing while me doing something I currently-like (hahaha) - baking!

my inspiration came from this heavenlicious crepe cake that I had at LCCT the other day..masa balik aritu..
papa mkn ape lagi..mesti la Chocolate kek.. antu coklat... :)
mind you, this is first time trying crepe cake.. stakat buat breakfast mkn ngan buah, jem, or aiskrim tu..dh lepas sgt dah..
but layering those crepe and filling with creams in each layers..fuuh..such a tedious work! (I later discovered).
buat 20 pcs je. but the preparation + assembly..took most of my afternoon! mmg melepek, penat!
Ibu also learnt that for crepe cake.. tak bole silap in any of the step..
1. crepe mmg kena nipis habis.. alhamdulillah bjaya la senipis yg mampu..guna non stick and for each layer jgn lupa sapu butter sket utk hasil tbaik.
2. cream/custard/filling .. yg ni mcm ade something wrong somewhere...or senang ckp, still Ibu tak jumpa my perfect recipe.. mungkin kena lebih kan gula? or kurang kan cream? it was abit tawar n boring, I must admit..
3. assembly ... ni pun sbb cuba tak bpuas ati lagi. Ibu thot dh buat abis tebal ..rupa nya kena 'tebal' lagi that cream...baru la sedap n tak terasa kepingan crepe tu sgt.. next time la nnt buat.

aaaa.. jom la layan a few pics that I snapped along the way..
Abes nipis dh ni..

mcm biasa..kena ada coklat..utk peminat setia.. ;)
this is how i assemble the cake.. saje menyusahkan diri sendiri. lol
this is half way done tau! phew..lagi separuh..
 I follow this recipe, from blog kawan cikyam. nk copy kt sini utk rujukan...  or bole singgah blognya..
Vanilla Mille Crepe

4 eggs
1tbs sugar
a pinch of salt
500ml milk
200g all purpose flour.
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 drops vanilla
40g unsalted butter

200ml whip cream
450ml milk
2 tbs flour
85g sugar
1 1/2 tbs cornstarch
4 egg yolks
2 tbs butter/margarine
vanilla essence

How-to (crepe)
1.sift flour+baking powder together. melt butter and put aside. a separate bowl, mix eggs + 250ml milk + sugar well. add the flour mixture and amix well until combined. add in vanilla and the rest of the milk,  combine.
3.add in melted butter and mix again. cover and let the batter rest inside the fridge for 30minutes- 2 hours
4.heat a nonstick pan and slightly oil the surface. wipe any excess oil. pour in a ladle full of your crepe batter and spread evenly as thin as possible. cook for 30 seconds and flip the crepe upside down and wait for 10 secs. remove your crepe from the pan and cover with a cling wrap to keep it moist.
5. repeat  until you finish all the batter. you should get around 20 crepes. put the crepes aside to let them cool down.

How- to (filling)
1. make the custard.
-using a heatproof bowl, heat milk in the microwave for 3 minutes. sift in cornstarch and flour , add in sugar and quickly whisk well to avoid lumps . add the egg yolks gradually and combine. put back the bowl of mixture into the microwave and reheat until it gets bubbly. take out and whisk the batter and reheat again. repeat this 3 times for a total of 5 minutes. take out the bowl, and add in butter and vanilla and mix well. leave it to cool . another bowl, beat cream at medium speed until cream starts to thicken, continue to beat until you get a soft peak.
fold in the cream into the cooled custard until well combined.

assembling the cake
lay one crepe on a cake base / flat plate and spread the custard filling evenly on the surface. (not too thick) cover the filling with another crepe and repeat until you have used all the crepe. put your cake in the fridge for 3-5 hours to let it set and serve it cool. happy trying!

verdict: not bad, some room for improvement on the cream tho (hehuu)

tp kan, Ibu tak puas ati sbb tak sama mcm kedai.... (hahahahaha)..

I was lucky sbb smlm my boys cooperating..The Little Guy layan tgk Alif Ba Ta dia while I buat crepe. then while I assembly, dia bole tido Papa dodoikan.. kalau tak, sure nk bgayut baru nk tido. alhamdulillah!

ade separuh lagi kek tu. sape nk mai la. ;)

bekpes + bento Papa nak gi skolah arini..kita mkn seafood gratin. top up ngan cheese..

Kenyang.....The Little Guy pun mkn pasta..
mata dh kuyu balik..... hmm.. afternoon nap, eh ke morning nap?



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