Tuesday, 13 March 2012

recipe: choc sweet rolls

as i browse this blog in her food category.. mmg bikin air liur leleh xleh stop, not only bcause of her step by step pictorial, but the yumminess (ada such word ka?) of her recipe.. aduhaii... and thus again, Ibu ter-jebak utk mencuba yet another recipe from her.
tp mmg kena alter sana dan sini since her dough is too much for us. 8cup of flour? hoho.. bole buat kenduri ini macam punya banyak.. ;p

layan gmbar yg telah di-collagekan ketika masa lapang ^_^

try it! u will not be dissapointed! senang and yummy..and yup, lembut.. method last masa doh dah siap then tambah baking powder and soda bicarbonate is brilliant. jadi gebu doh tu! *_*


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