Monday, 2 April 2012

bakal berpindah lagi


mengambil peluang sementara sedikit lapang skrg (hari ini) kerana takde baju nk basuh. meal lunch pn ada lagi leftover dinner ngan oyasan smlm. and the Little Guy is taking his afternoon nap.

just want to share a few photos of our soon-to-move-in new home, at Senmarudai Danchi.

documents and keys sent via post. received 13th march..
sample key so we can have our first look of the house. (nnt if jadi move in, baru dia bagi full set key of the house)

manual resident. general info for the tenants. harus la kena baca.. :)
Papa took half day from his lab. And we went to the housing area to look at the house, surrounding and all before making our final decision whether to move in or not.
our block is no 14, quite near to the bus stop. a good point to consider, since we will depend on the public tranport a lot. the journey to the danchi housing is not a boring one. sepanjang perjalanan melalui kawasan yg dihuni dan ber-aktiviti. malahan, kwsn pintu masuk ada market, kedai2 yg memenuhi keperluan harian. easy access and convinient for everyone (Papa and me). And...exactly in front of the housing is a kindergarten, and nursery (as i was informed).. ok, another good point to consider. sbb kami plan nk hantar The Little Guy to a nursery so he can have more frens and some more social activity, to help in his language development and to give me some space for the sake of "new activity".

i am standing in front of our block. our room is facing the playground! indeed another good point~
dia tak sabar nk pegi main.. jap lagi yer, kita naik tgk rumah dulu.. :))
some view of the kitchen area. (my first impression? ermm luasss)

from another side of the house, view from balcony.

part ni penting for me, sbb byk masa spent in the kitchen. ^_^
from the living room point of view. The Lil Guy is standing in from of another room.

ok, review are so far ok. we even spent some times at a fren's house (kak ita, block sebelah aje). peeking at how she arrange the house (we need some ideas okeh.haha)..
tq so much kak ita for all the info and insight, and definitely for the yummy minum petang - pancake, milo n mihun goreng.. sedaapp (lama tak makan mihun kami ni.sadis)

return home and thinking over (again..byk duit nk guna ni if nk buat keputusan)..
papa return to his lab since he was bz and will be attending a conference in Korea.
(dh selamat pergi, dan pulang pun )  ^_^

coretan utk kenangan.


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