Tuesday, 26 July 2011

sambungan kisah tergigit lidah.. versi surprise

i dont know from where did he get the idea...but knowing him well...this is the most surprising act!

this is soooo not papa! keh keh..
i got flowers?? *unbelievable*
did he read the blog? so not him ..he reads bila dh 1-2weeks later. takpun, bila ibu ckp psl blog. org bz ngan lab la kata kan.
mmg kelakar, he even pull a trick to get me out of the room (im nursing The Little Guy td)..sakit kaki tergeliat konon!! huahahaa.. u got me there!jahat!!

yes, im melted jap ok. sbb ni act paling rare spnjang kami kawen. yes, he is not that mushy mushy romantic guy. tetiba bagi bunga...mau terkejut tipah dibuatnya.
but i LOL gak, thinking 'owh u are so sweet syg..im not merajuk anymore pun..'

i asked him, mischievously.."nk merajuk lagi lah camni..so that i get the flowers again, then?".
he's answer? yaaa..lagi mau tanya. a straight NO. ceessss...



Unknown said...

Aww!! Romantica de amor :)

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